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Positive Youth Justice: Solving the youth crime ‘problem’ with children first solutions

This blog critically explores the potential for a positivie youth justice approach based on children first, positive/promotional, engaging, diversionary and evidence-based partnership approaches as a viable alternative model and potential solution to the youth crime 'problem'.


Making sense of youth justice

This blog offers students a framework for understanding the complexities of youth justice by breaking up the field into a 'triad' of definitions, explanations and responses.


Negative Youth Justice: Creating the youth crime ‘problem’

This blog critically explores the negative nature of youth justice and its role in creating and inflating a youth crime 'problem' that is better addressed through more positive approaches.


Children first justice: An agenda for change

Youth justice in England and Wales needs a vigorous shake-up – not a radical overhaul, but a shake-up.  Many of the essential building blocks are already in place, including progressive professional attitudes and practice cultures. With this in mind, the time has come for children first justice.


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Steve Case

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