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I am an academic, researcher and writer with special interests in the areas of youth offending, youth justice, research methods and the teaching/learning of criminology. In my day job, I’m a Professor of Criminology and Head of Social and Policy Studies at Loughborough University, having previously been Director of Undergraduate Studies at Swansea University. My job involves teaching, researching and writing about crime. Teaching-wise, I’ve designed and delivered modules covering a wide range of topics in criminology, psychology, health and social care, education and youth studies. As a researcher, I’ve conducted large-scale funded research projects for the Home Office, the Youth Justice Board, the Nuffield Foundation, the Leverhume Trust, the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research, the ESRC and the Welsh Government. I am currently leading a three-year study funded by Nuffield focusing on'Examining contextual influences on youth offending'. I also present my research and ideas regularly to national and international audiences and have delivered invited presentations at over 70 conferences worldwide since I became a criminologist in 2004.


My first book, Understanding Youth Offending: Risk Factor Research, Policy and Practice (Case and Haines 2009) was a detailed critical evaluation (decimation is probably more accurate!) of the risk factor theories that dominate our understandings of why young people commit crime.


The follow-up book, Positive Youth Justice: Children First, Offenders Second (Haines and Case 2015) offers an innovative and progressive alternative model of working with young people in the Youth Justice System to reduce and prevent crime.


My third published text, Criminology (Case, Johnson, Manlow, Smith and Williams 2017), demystifies and animates criminology as an academic subject so that students can become as effective, engaged and employable as possible. It forms the basis of many of the blogs that you will find in the Criminology and University Study sections.


My fourth publication, 'Youth Justice: A Critical Introduction' (Case 2018) employs my 'triad of youth justice' to trace the historical development of defintions of, explanations of and repsonses to youth offending internationally. It forms the basis of many of the blogs that you will find in the Youth Justice section.


Along with being awarded a Chair (Professor status) in 2016, I have numerous other positions of responsibility externally or ‘indicators of esteem’ as they’re called in universities. I am a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, I serve as external examiner to the undergraduate criminology degree programme at Westminster University and the MA Criminology at Cork University, I am reviewer of academic articles for a number of international journals (e.g. Youth Justice, British Journal of Criminology, Criminology and Criminal Justice, Journal of Youth Studies, International Journal of Police Science and Management, Learning in Health and Social Care), reviewer of book proposals for several top academic publishers (e.g. Sage, Policy Press, Pearson, Routledge) and expert assessor for funding bodies such as the ESRC and the Big Lottery Fund.


In 2008, I won the British Society of Criminology ‘Brian Williams Prize’ for best academic paper by a young scholar (‘young’ being under 35, which I was, just about!) and in 2012, I led my undergraduate programme at Swansea to the British Society of Criminology ‘National Teaching Excellence’ award. In 2013, I was awarded the ‘Howard League Research Medal’ (with Professor Kevin Haines) for most impactful research in the field of criminal justice.


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Steve Case

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